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Suspicion cont.

Sat Aug 12, 2017, 7:15 AM

            Being equally shocked you two just stared at each other.  Dumbfounded to be   in each other's presence. The moment stretched on for an eternity as you were at a lost for how to proceed. Unprepared to confront the girl so soon. Everything that's happened so far had you on high alert.  So you studied her.

           "Are you alright?" Fumiko spills , breaking the awkward moment.   In truth she casually pointed  out that your mouth had been hanging open the entire time. Your face heated up from embarrassment. "Oh sorry, I lost myself there- but I'm find now captain!  My apologies for walking into you."

          "Um..." She cracks a playful smile. "You still refer to me as 'captain'?" 

     "What?! I said that?!" You wanted to slap yourself for the lip-slip. You can be air - headed at times.  'But a part of me isn't ashamed of that admission. I look up to her. She'll always be captain to me.' "Well-ha,ha..haa..."  What to say? You rake your brain for an explanation and still came up blank. How do you tell your idol that they're not trusted? Shifting weight from one foot to the next you shrug your shoulders: she understood right away that you had nothing else to say so this conversation was over.

             With a parting smile she starts to walk away, it's then that you notice something. Something she's clutching too tightly. Like she was trying to keep it from your view. Then your tongue just slipped. "That's a nice phone you've got, captain."  Your tone heavy with suspicion. She frozed. Her voiced sounded forced, "It is not mine." She gravely admits.  Adding fuel to the burning apprehension of her recent, dubious behavior. The puzzle unraveled, so simple yet too easy, just to reveal another.  How did Fumiko come to have Tetsuro's phone?

          Your thumb started moving but so did Fumiko. You keep up with her ever increasing pace. The call connects.  The  ba - bump, ba - bump of your heartbeat ranging louder. You were ready to fight. And you would have. Brrrring!  It occured in seconds, the halls had a flash flood of tan and black. The tide pushed you back and in  the disruption  the target got away.


                 The bell had just rang to announce the end of break period. Students poured into the classroom. Among them was you looking guite wary. Possessing a strange urge to smack a certain beauty. From where you stood it appears she just returned the phone to its rightful owner.  Tetsuro thanked her. Your eyes narrowed in their direction. Feeling hateful eyes on her she flashes you a wicked smile before sitting down. Claiming the desk right beside Kuroo's.  That taunt was ignored. You can't ponder on her recent actions now. The teacher is here. 

             " Fumiko-kun, can I talk to you for a moment?"  You said in a sugar coated voice. It was a demand.  Said girl looked up, confused.    It's now lunch break, she was about to offer your man food from her bento. Not.Under.Your.Watch. She glanced around. People are watching. "Sure." Wearing a plastic smile she agreed, albeit reluctantly.  "Do you want to talk here?" My head tilts towards the door. "Oh?Okay."
               As she got up from her seat I leaned down to steal Kuroo's breath away. Two pairs of eyes widen with surprise. Whistles and howls rose up. Fumiko was taken aback. She quickly looked away. To anyone the red on her cheeks could be taken for embarrassment. But you know better. Fumiko was burning up with rage. Though the kiss was over you lingered over him just to spite her. Your lips a hair's width apart. You stared into his brown orbs. They were so warm and alive....and hungry. "Ahem." That brought you back. You pulled away completely then lightly took Fumiko's hand ; leading her out the room. Of course you blew Kuroo a kiss on the way out.

         Kai looked at his captain, "what was that all about?" he whispers, curious as a cat. A mischievous glint appears in his eyes so he answers overconfident. "Kai, when you get a girlfriend you'll understand." 

       In girl's bathroom.

       " He will be mine." You were stupefied . Is she crazy?! "Are you declaring war?" 


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Robin :-)
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
The Bahamas

I'm a procrastinating , moody Virgo on the way to becoming
a renown fashion designer very soon.The color green has
bewitched me while the cheesecake has stolen my heart.Now
why am I here? Due to my location there is
no one to share my passion for art with.
But I came across this goldmine. Where I'm able to share my work with you.



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